Stabilized Whipped Cream (No Gelatin!) (2023)

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Learn to make a delicious, creamy, and perfectly sweet stabilized whipped cream with just a bit of xanthan gum. It is perfect to use as you would any whipped cream, as a frosting for cake, or even as a filling for cupcakes or homemade pastries.

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Store-bought whipped cream doesn't hold a candle to homemade. This recipe is my go-to for homemade whipped cream. No dessert is complete without a dollop!

I love using this recipe as a frosting for cakes. It's been featured on my recipe for keto tres leches, low-carb strawberry poke cake, and triple layer pumpkin dessert just to name a few.

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Ingredients and substitutions

This stabilized whipped cream just requires four basic and easy-to-find ingredients.

  • Heavy Whipping Cream
  • Powdered Sugar or powdered sugar substitute for a sugar-free and low carb option!
  • Vanilla Bean Pastelends the most amazing real vanilla flavor, but you can also get an amazing result with vanilla extract
  • Xanthan Gum

See the recipe card for quantities.


If you have never made homemade whipped cream, then you will be wondering what has stopped you when you see just how easy it is!

Start by combining the cream, sugar, and vanilla in a medium or large mixing bowl. Beat with an electric hand mixer or a stand mixer with a whisk attachment until the cream begins to thicken and it forms soft peaks.

Hint: Make sure that the mixing bowl is not warm. I like to pop it in the fridge for a few minutes before mixing the cream just to be sure.

Next, sprinkle the xanthan gum over the top of the cream, then continue mixing until the cream has nearly doubled in size and stiff peaks have formed.


Use the whipped cream immediately to frost cakes, as a filling for baked goods, or as a topping for your favorite treats.Be sure that cakes or baked goods have completely cooled firstOR, store it in the fridge for up to one week.

Hint: Be careful not to over mix the cream. Once it easily holds its shape, it is done. Overmixing will cause the whipped cream to deflate and take on a curd-like texture. If you do overmix don't fret! Simply turn your mixer to low speed and slowly drizzle in fresh, unwhipped heavy cream until it gets fluffy again.


Homemade whipped cream can be easily adjusted to suit dietary or taste preferences. Here are some of my favorite ways to change it up.

  • Flavored Whipped Cream - Add your favorite spices or extracts to the whipped cream during step 1. My favorites are cinnamon, pumpkin spice, and almond extract.
  • Sugar-Free and Keto Friendly - Simply substitute the regular powdered sugar with your favorite powdered sugar substitute.
  • Vegan - Substitute the heavy cream with chilled, full-fat, canned coconut milk solids. After chilling the coconut milk, scoop out the solid portion and discard any liquid.


To make this stabilized whipped cream you will need the following tools:

  • A medium mixing bowl (make sure that it is not warm)
  • Measuring cups and spoons
  • An electric mixer, a stand mixer with a whisk attachment, or a whisk and some good upper body endurance 😂
  • A rubber spatula


Store the whipped cream in the fridge for up to one week. It can also be frozen and will keep its shape when thawed but it won't be quite as fluffy as it is when fresh.

Even though this cream tolerates being left out and is somewhat resistant to melting, cream should not be left out of the fridge for any longer than two hours for food safety reasons.


Does stabilized whipped cream taste different?

No, stabilized whipped cream tastes no different than regular homemade whipped cream. It does have a slightly thicker texture but the flavor is the same.

Does stabilized whipped cream melt?

Yes, it will melt. But, it does tolerate higher temperatures than traditional whipped cream. It can sit at room temp with no problem, but in high temps it should be kept chilled.

Is cool whip stabilized whipped cream?

(Video) Stabilized Whipped Cream for hot weather | Whipped Cream Frosting | Without Gelatin | 8 tips

No. In fact, cool whip isn't even cream at all. It is primarily made from water, vegetable oil, and high fructose corn syrup.

How long does stabilized whipped cream last?

This stabilized whipped cream will last almost indefinitely when stored at room temperature or cooler But for food safety, you should keep it stored in the fridge for no more than one week, or in the freezer for no more than 6 months.

Can you re-whip stabilized whipped cream?

If your whipped cream deflates, or if you find that you have overwhipped you, you can re-whip it but you must add additional cream as you whisk or beat the mixture at a low speed and it likely will not be quite as fluffy as it would have been otherwise.

Top tip

If you find that you have overwhipped your cream and it becomes lumpy and flat, don't toss it just yet! Try this trick first: With your mixer at low speed, slowly pour cold, unwhipped heavy cream into the mixing bowl. Keepadding cream until the brokenwhipped cream regains its fluffy texture. Depending upon how much additional cream you end up adding you may find that you need to add additional powdered sugar as well.

📖 Recipe

Stabilized Whipped Cream (No Gelatin!) (5)

Stabilized Whipped Cream (No Gelatin!)

Sabra - This Mom's Menu

(Video) Stable Whipped Cream with Gelatin | Cake Cream Frosting | Stabilized Whip Cream using gelatin

Learn to make a delicious, creamy, and perfectly sweet stabilized whipped cream with just a bit of xanthan gum. It is perfect to use as you would any whipped cream, as a frosting for cake, or even as a filling for cupcakes or homemade pastries.

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Servings 8 servings

Prep Time 5 mins


  • Electric Mixer

  • Measuring Cups and Spoons

  • Mixing Bowl

  • Rubber Spatula



  • In a medium mixing bowl, combine the heavy cream, powdered sugar, and vanilla. Beat with an electric mixer starting at low speed and increasing to high as the mixer thickens. Beat until it begins to thicken and soft peaks form.

    1 cup Heavy Whipping Cream, ⅓ cup Powdered Sugar, 1 teaspoon Vanilla Bean Paste

  • Sprinkle the xanthan gum over the top of the cream mixture. Continue beating with the electric mixer until the cream has nearly doubled in size and stiff peaks form.

    ¼ teaspoon Xanthan Gum

  • Use immediately to frost cakes, as a filling for baked goods, or as a topping for your favorite treats. Be sure that cakes or baked goods have completely cooled first OR, store it in the fridge for up to one week.

(Video) How to Make Stable Whipped Cream Frosting | Whipped Cream Frosting With Pudding Mix | No Gelatin

Be sure to read the entire post for tips, tricks, and help troubleshooting.

The nutrition information listed here is only an estimate and is simply provided as a courtesy. It nor any other information within this post should constitute medical or nutritional advice. Be sure to read all packaging and ingredient labels for potential allergens. Optional ingredients are not included unless otherwise specified.


Serving: 0.25 cupsCalories: 125kcalCarbohydrates: 6gProtein: 1gFat: 11gSaturated Fat: 7gPolyunsaturated Fat: 1gMonounsaturated Fat: 3gCholesterol: 41mgSodium: 14mgPotassium: 23mgFiber: 1gSugar: 5gVitamin A: 437IUVitamin C: 1mgCalcium: 19mgIron: 1mg

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What can be used to stabilize whipped cream? ›

For whipped cream that needs to last for a few hours:

Simply add 1 tablespoon confectioners' sugar to 1 cup whipping cream before whipping. Make it in the morning and serve it after dinner. If you want even more more stability, whisk 1 tablespoon cornstarch with the powdered sugar before adding it to the cream.

How to make whipped cream at home without gelatin? ›

  1. Set a large bowl in the refrigerator to chill for 15 minutes.
  2. Remove the bowl from the refrigerator and add the heavy whipping cream, sugar, pudding and vanilla. Using a hand mixer beat on high until; stiff peaks form about 4-5 minutes.
  3. Serve chilled on your favorite desserts!
Aug 15, 2022

Can I use gelatin sheets to stabilize whipped cream? ›

Nobody likes a cake with droopy frosting. Adding gelatin to whipped cream makes it super sturdy and stabilized enough for piping medium to large designs, and for use as a filling for cakes like this Japanese strawberry cake roll I made below.

What does stabilizing whipped cream mean? ›

Stabilized whipped cream is a whipped cream that contains additional ingredients to help it hold its shape. If you've ever had Cool Whip, you've had stabilized whipped cream! Regular whipped cream tends to deflate quickly—especially in warm, humid climate.

Does cornstarch stabilize whipped cream? ›

You can use cornstarch to help thicken and stabilize your whipped cream. This is a very common and easy way of thickening and stabilizing your whipped cream to keep it from turning into a melty mess. The cornstarch can leave a slightly gritty texture to the whipped cream though.

Can you stabilize whipped cream with condensed milk? ›

Easy to make, this version of the classic is sweetened with condensed milk, which acts as a stabilizer, making the cream good for piping.

What can I use instead of gelatin for cream? ›

Agar is a powdered stabilizing agent derived from seaweed. It's a great substitute for gelatin to make stabilized whipped cream, and since it's plant based, is vegetarian friendly.

What can be used instead of gelatin? ›

What can you use as a substitute for gelatin: Agar Agar, Kudzu, Pectin, Cornstarch, Vegan Jel, Guar Gum, Xanthan Gum, Arrowroot or Tapioca Starch, Instant Clear Gel, and Carrageenan. Each of these options is worth exploring and experimenting with since they do work wonders in many recipes!

Does cream of tartar stabilize whipped cream? ›

3. How to Stabilize Whipped Cream With Cream of Tartar. Adding just a ¼ teaspoon of cream of tartar into your whipping cream will make it last longer and make your cream topping thicken. Cream of tartar prevents any chance of soggy and messy desserts.

Can you decorate a cake with stabilized whipped cream? ›

It usually starts to weep and softens considerably within several hours. To amend this problem I will be adding dissolved gelatin to whipping cream, making Stabilized Whipped Cream. Stabilized Whipped Cream holds up much better and can be used to frost a cake up to 2 days in advance.

How much cornstarch should I use to stabilize whipped cream? ›

Cornstarch is an easy way to thicken and stabilize whipped cream. To one cup of heavy cream, add 1 teaspoon cornstarch3 mixed with the sugar. The cornstarch can leave a slightly gritty texture to the whipped cream and a bit of a starchy taste.

How long does whipped cream stay stabilized? ›

The glory of stabilized whipped cream is that it doesn't weep or separate, so it may be made in advance. It's a great option for frosting cakes, piping onto pies, cheesecake and more! How long does stabilized whipped cream last? The cream will keep in an air tight container in the refrigerator for about 3 days.

How do you stiffen runny whipped cream? ›

To solidify runny whipped cream, whisk it again with a half teaspoon of cream of tartar or chilled unflavored gelatin, especially in hot weather.

Can I use powdered gelatin instead of gelatin sheets? ›

Substituting One for the Other

If your recipe calls for gelatin leaves or sheets but you only have powder (or vice versa), don't worry. You can convert the measurements to meet your needs. One packet (1 tablespoon) of powdered gelatin is equivalent to four gelatin sheets. This is enough to soft-set 2 cups of liquid.

Why is my stabilized whipped cream lumpy? ›

Be sure to temper the gelatin with extra cream.

If you don't you could get lumpy unmixed pieces of gelatin in the whipped cream. Keep the whipping cream and bowl very cold until you're about to use. This helps the whipping cream whip up.

Can I use meringue powder to stabilize whipped cream? ›

Just a pinch of meringue powder will keep your homemade whipped cream in tip-top shape.

How to make whipped cream with cornstarch and milk? ›

To replace 1 cup (237 mL) of heavy cream, add 2 tablespoons (19 grams) of cornstarch to 1 cup (237 mL) of milk and whisk thoroughly. This lower-fat, lower-calorie substitute is best used in cooking.

Can flour thicken whipped cream? ›

You should mix equal parts of flour with cold water in a small bowl. Stir the mixture with a hand whisk until homogeneous. Heat the cream, and while whisking, add the flour mixture to the cream, a teaspoon at a time.

Why is my whipped cream not firming up? ›

You're not chilling your cream. Using room temperature cream is the cardinal sin of whipped creamery and the number one reason for whipped cream not thickening. If it reaches above 10°C, the fat inside the cream will not emulsify, meaning it can't hold the air particles which allow it to maintain fluffy peaks.

What happens if you whip sweetened condensed milk? ›

The sweetened condensed milk gets really thick and sticky. It actually felt promising for a minute. All that was left to do is whip a bunch of air into it. It got a paler color as air was incorporated.

Can sweetened condensed milk be used for whipped cream? ›

How do you turn condensed milk into whipped cream? You'll want to put that condensed milk in the freezer for 30 minutes, then pour it into a chilled mixing bowl and beat it. Use the high setting for one minute until it becomes nice and foamy.

How do you keep whipping cream from melting? ›

If you want to make the whipped cream thicker, you can use cornstarch. Same as whipped cream with gelatin, whipped cream with cornstarch will prevent melting. With cornstarch, homemade cream holds even up to 32C.

Can cream of tartar be used to stabilize whipped cream? ›

Cream of Tartar - This is the magic ingredient that stabilizes the whipped cream. Cream of tartar keeps the protein molecules in the cream in place, which provides structure to the water and air bubbles in the whipped cream, holding them together instead of allowing the water to seep out.


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