If You Hate Drinking Tepid Coffee, You Need One Of These Microwaveable Mugs (2023)

Whether your warm beverage of choice is coffee, hot cocoa, or tea, there are few things more disappointing than finding that your drink has gone cold. The best microwaveable coffee mugs are made from glass, ceramic, or BPA-free plastic and have a handle that stays cool enough to hold comfortably.

What To Look For In A Microwavable Coffee Mug

No matter what material you choose, make sure that your mug is clearly labeled as microwave-safe. While borosilicate glass, ceramic, and some plastic materials are generally resistant to heat, your safest bet is always to go with something that is marked for use in the microwave. Most microwave-safe mugs are also dishwasher-safe, as it means they can withstand high temperatures, but it's always good to double-check if you don't like to hand-wash your mugs.

When shopping for a microwavable coffee mug, it's also a good idea to know your ideal size. A standard 8-ounce cup might not hold enough for your morning cafe au lait, since mug size indicates the volume the mug can hold when filled to the brim. In general, it's a good idea to pick a mug with a slightly larger capacity than you think you'll actually need.

Ready to find your new favorite mug? Here are some of the best microwave-safe coffee mugs on Amazon — and they're all $25 or less.

1. This Tried-And-True Microwave Mug

Made specifically for microwaving, this simple oversize mug works for everything from coffee to soup. The locking lid has a steam vent, so you can keep it on your mug in the microwave to prevent splatters. This mug is made from BPA-free plastic and is also fridge, freezer, and top rack dishwasher-safe. Because it's made from plastic, the handle also stays cool, making it easy to hold. Over 10,000 shoppers on Amazon have given this mug a perfect five-star rating.

One fan raved: “If, like me, you want your two cups of morning coffee at once, these cups easily hold that amount, plus milk/cream. That's my primary use for them. They are lightweight, sturdy and of course are ideal for the microwave. Food gets hot but the container doesn't. I've used them for soups, reheating single-serving portions of leftovers, and with the vented lid you don't have to fish around for a cover to prevent splatter while in the microwave.”

Size: 22.1 oz. | Material: Plastic | Colors: 1 | Care Instructions: Dishwasher safe

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2. A Chic, Glass To-Go Mug With Silicone Accents

This travel mug is made from borosilicate glass with a soft silicone lid and sleeve, which helps to protect your hands from getting burned. It's both microwave- and dishwasher-safe and is available in standard barista sizes, so you may be able to get it filled at your local coffee shop and skip the plastic disposable cups. It comes in a rainbow of fun colors, including vintage green and amberlight, so you're sure to find one that will quickly become your favorite.

One fan raved: “Super cute! I take it to work all the time and it never fails to garner compliments. It keeps my precious coffee warm it easily opens and it never fails to stay closed not to mention it's microwave safe and easy to wash.”

Sizes: 6 oz., 8 oz. (featured), 12 oz., 16 oz. | Material: Borosilicate glass and silicone | Colors: 12 | Care Instructions: The glass is dishwasher safe, the silicone lid and sleeve are not (according to reviewers)

3. This Ceramic Mug That Comes In So Many Colors

This ceramic mug has a minimalist style that looks great as part of your table setting or on your desk at work. It's both microwave and dishwasher-safe and comes in a wide variety of colors, including grey, orange, and pink, so you can match it to any style. The 18-ounce capacity can hold a lot of coffee, and the ergonomic handle prevents the mug from swiveling while you hold it.

One fan raved: “I love this mug! It's large, but not unwieldy. The shape & style makes it easy to hold and hard to knock over, perfect for me! Retains heat well, and easy to care for, dishwasher and microwave safe with a satin glaze. I purchased the dark blue, it goes beautifully with my mid century modern decor, and makes me happy whenever I look at it/use it—which is every day!”

Size: 18 oz. | Material: Ceramic | Colors: 12 | Care Instructions: Dishwasher safe

4. A Minimalist Travel Mug With A Splash-Proof Lid

This microwave- and dishwasher-safe mug is made from ceramic with a silicone sleeve, which helps to keep your hands from getting too hot. It comes with a BPA-free splash-proof silicone lid with a slide-lock opening, and the mug fits in most standard cup holders, so it's easy to take with you anywhere. It comes in eight super chic colors and patterns, including a blush terrazzo option.

One fan raved: “I love this portable ceramic mug! It's comfortable and cozy to hold because of the rubber lining that surrounds the 3/4 of the ceramic. I like that the rubber also covers the bottom of the mug so that I can set it down on my desk without making a sound [...] It's incredibly convenient to be able to microwave it when you want to reheat your drink.”

Sizes: 12 oz. (featured), 16 oz. | Material: Ceramic and silicone | Colors: 8 | Care Instructions: Dishwasher safe

5. A Durable Double-Walled Tervis Tumbler

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Enjoy your favorite hot beverage wherever you are with this mug from Tervis, which is both microwave- and dishwasher-safe. Made from Tritan — a lightweight, durable, BPA-free plastic — it has a double-walled, insulated design that can help keep your beverage hot or cold for longer and an ergonomic handle. The lid has a contoured lip and sliding closure and is available in a bunch of different colors. The lidded mug style comes in a 16-ounce size, but other options are available.

One fan raved: “This mug is exactly what I was looking for to drink my tea. The best thing about it is it's microwaveable! I love the handle and the spill proof top.”

Size: 10 oz., 16 oz. (featured), 24 oz. | Material: Tritan plastic | Colors and styles: 27 | Care Instructions: Dishwasher safe

6. The Oversize Mug That Friends Fans Will Love

Central Perk logo? Check. Oversize design? Check. Microwavable? Check! This officially licensed mug is a must-have for anyone who can't get enough of Friends. It's made from ceramic that's both microwave and dishwasher-safe, and it is large enough to double as a bowl for soup, cereal, or ice cream. The Central Perk logo is printed on both sides, so you don't have to choose between looking at it yourself or showing it off.

One fan raved: “I absolutely love this mug! It was delivered safely in its sturdy packaging. This is such a big mug that I use it for everything. From sipping coffee in the morning to eating ramen noodles at night, this mug can be the superman of mugs!”

Size: 24 oz. | Material: Ceramic | Styles: 5 microwavable designs | Care Instructions: Dishwasher safe

7. This Set of Six Elegant Shatter-Resistant Glass Mugs

Sip your morning joe in style with this set of six shatter-resistant glass mugs. Made to withstand high temperatures, these mugs are dishwasher- and microwave-safe and can be heated up to 295 degrees Fahrenheit — though rapid extreme changes in temperature are not recommended. The 15-ounce size is perfect for homemade lattes and cappuccinos, and these mugs are elegant enough to break out for your next dinner party.

One fan raved: “Cute style and they are perfect for my morning coffee and afternoon tea! Packaged well and secure to prevent any breakage. I have ran them through the dishwasher and used in the microwave with no issues. Love these glass mugs!!”

Size: 15 oz. | Material: Borosilicate glass | Colors: 1 | Care Instructions: Dishwasher safe

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What mugs can you use on a mug warmer? ›

Ceramic, metal, glass and enamel are all safe to be used on a mug warmer. Even some plastic mugs with temperature-resistant qualities are fine. Anything with a vacuum seal inside it, for instance, travel mugs, is a big no.

What coffee mug keeps coffee at a certain temperature? ›

Ember is a design-led temperature control brand. The Ember Ceramic Mug is beautifully designed to be used in your home or at your desk, and keeps your beverages at the perfect temperature from the first sip to the last drop.

What mugs can you microwave? ›

Pottery from the kitchen, such as plates, bowls, and mugs, can be microwaved if they have not been damaged. Containers made of plastic, such as cups, pots, and tub liners, are usually safe to use. Metals of all shapes and sizes should never be subjected to microwave radiation.

Is there a coffee mug that keeps coffee hot? ›

Contigo West Loop Vacuum-Insulated Stainless Steel Travel Mug with AUTOSEAL Easy-Clean Lid, 24oz BPA-Free, Keeps Drinks Hot or Cold for Hours.

Which type of cup will keep a hot drink warm longer? ›

In terms of pure keeping liquids hot as long as possible, we'd recommend the Thermos. If you want to keep hot soup or coffee hot on a longer excursion, like a hike or a camping trip, go for the Thermos.

How do I choose a mug warmer? ›

These include:
  1. Material: Choose a material that is waterproof, non-stick, and sturdy enough to last a long time. ...
  2. Size & Capacity: Some coffee warmers can heat several cups at once. ...
  3. Convenience: Some coffee warmers come with their own mugs. ...
  4. Temperature control: ...
  5. Shape: ...
  6. Budget: ...
  7. Cord: ...
  8. Battery & Speed of heating:
Feb 24, 2022

What shape of mug keeps coffee the hottest? ›

If we eliminate designs that are specific to heat conservation, such as double walls and lids, and make it strictly a single-walled material with an open top: a mug which angles inward to a narrow neck and top from a wider bases keep coffee warmer longer--a mug with a conical base incorporated into it.

Which travel mug keeps coffee the hottest for longest? ›

Contigo Autoseal West Loop Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug

If you're looking for a solid, leak-proof travel mug that will keep your coffee hot for up to seven hours, look no further. The Contigo mug is our number one pick for many reasons, the first of which is the “Autoseal” lid.

Is there a cup that reads temperature? ›

Ember®: The World's First Temperature Control Mug®

Can you heat transfer on any mug? ›

Using HTV On Mugs

I use heat transfer vinyl all the time for baby onesies in the Practically Functional shop, but I never thought to try it on anything other than fabric. Turns out HTV works great on ceramic mugs too! I wouldn't put it through a dishwasher, but it will definitely hold up to a handwashing. Print it!

Can you use any mug for Cricut mug? ›

It's important to make note of this point: You can't use just any mug – like ones from the dollar store. You need mugs that are designed for specifically for sublimation. Sublimation/Infusible Ink mugs are designed with a special coating on them made to “take” the ink really well and hold it permanently.

Can you use any mug with the Cricut mug press? ›

Yes! You can use non-Cricut mugs in the Cricut Mug Press, but they have to be specifically poly-coated for sublimation. That means that not every mug will work—you can't just pick up any old mug and expect it to work.

Can you use any mug in a mug press? ›

The mugs have to be ceramic (no stainless steel, plastic, etc.) They must have a sublimation coating, which is compatible with your printer's sublimation ink and/or your Infusible Ink™ sheets. This means that regular mugs that you find at the local dollar store or discount retailer will not work.


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