Can You Microwave Tervis Cups? [Note Key Tips] (2023)

Can You Microwave Tervis Cups? [Note Key Tips] (1)Tervis cups are made from the new generation of polymer material. The double-walled insulated cups are designed to keep the average temperatures of your drinks for hours.

For instance, Tervis Cups can hold a hot drink for up to 8 hours and a cold one for 24 hours. The cups are durable and contain no traces of industrial chemicals like bisphenol A (BPA).

But, can you microwave tervis cups?

Some Tervis Cups are safe to be microwaved. However, some are not microwave-safe due to the material used when manufacturing them. For example, not all Tervis plastic Cups can handle the heat of a microwave.

Also, Tervis metal Cups cannot be microwaved. When metal and microwave radiation collide, they begin arcing, which eventually leads to the bursting of flames. Therefore it is advisable to always look at Tervis Cups’ microwavable ability status fast before putting them in a microwave.

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How to identify a microwave-safe Tervis Cup

Can You Microwave Tervis Cups? [Note Key Tips] (2)As mentioned earlier, plastic Tervis Cups have the highest chance of being microwavable compared to metal ones. However, how would you know that a Tervis Cup is microwave safe? The following tips will guide you.

Step 1. Look for the microwave-safe symbol on the cup. Usually, it is placed at the bottom.

Step 2. If you do not know what a microwave symbol of the cup is, visit the Tervis Company’s website and identify their microwave-safe sign.

Step 3. After knowing their safe microwave symbol, it should be easy for you to identify it on the cup before placing it in a microwave.

It is also advisable to determine if the Tervis Cup is microwavable first before you purchase it. That way, it may save you a lot of time going through the above three stages to figure out if the cup you have in your possession is microwave-safe or not. Another essential thing to know about Tervis Cups is that they also have a do not microwave symbol for the not microwavable cups. According to Tervis Company, the cup is officially not microwavable if you cannot identify the microwave-safe symbol.

Microwave symbols on Tervis Cup

The microwave symbols of Tervis Cups are usually at the bottom. Three symbols help you know if the cup is safe to be microwaved, if it cannot be microwaved and how to microwave using the cup. The symbols will be stated as stated below.

  • Do not microwave

Like the symbol described, it means that the Tervis cup cannot be microwaved. This could be because of the kind of material that was used in the process of making the cup. Such Tervis cups may lead to leakage of what you are microwaving due to the melting of the cup. If not leakage, the melting cup contents can mix with your drink.

The other reason you shouldn’t microwave using the cup with a “Do not microwave” symbol is that the cup might have some metals installed in it. When metal and microwave radiation collide, they begin arcing, which eventually leads to the bursting of flames. Whatever the issue is, it is in your best interest to respect and honor the company’s instructions

  • Microwave safe

A “microwave safe” symbol gives you the go-ahead signal to microwave the Tervis cup. As you use it, Tervis advises against microwaving with the cup’s lid on.

  • Microwave when full

Tervis cups that have a “Microwave when full” symbol usually have a mark that indicates where your drink should reach before it gets to the indicated mark. Therefore you shouldn’t microwave this Tervis cup unless it is full or one inch from the top.

For the plastic Tervis cups without any microwave symbols, you may microwave them for 30 seconds without placing the microwave lid on.

Safety precautions you should consider when using Tervis cups

  • Check the microwave symbol

Always identify the microwave symbol of the cup before placing it in the microwave.

  • No lids on

Avoid microwaving a Tervis cup while the lead is still on.

  • Be cautious when microwaving plastic Tervis cups without microwave symbols

Plastic Tervis cups without any microwave symbols can be microwaved at a maximum of only 30 seconds. Also, ensure their lids are not on.

  • Do not always assume that all plastic Tervis cups can be microwaved

Some plastic cups have metals parts installed on the inside. Therefore, if you are unsure whether to microwave or not, consider transferring your beverage to another known microwavable container or confirming from the manufacturer.

How to Microwave Tervis Cups Safely

unstick Tervis cups

Tervis cups usually tend to stick together. If proper care is not taken when unsticking them, you might crack their top edge tips. The best way to deal with this kind of problem is:

Step 1. Place the stuck-together tumblers in the freezer for a night.

Step 2. Wrap them in a dry towel.

Step 3. Roll the wrapped cups on the kitchen counter until you hear a pop sound.

Why is it safe to use Tervis cups?

1. Tervis cups are bisphenol A (BPA) free

Can You Microwave Tervis Cups? [Note Key Tips] (3)BPA is a chemical used to manufacture plastic containers that store food and drinks like water bottles. Being exposed to BPA can lead to possible health issues like high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. However, Tervis cups that are older than 2011 do contain BPA. Therefore we advise Tervis users to consider using the new Tervis cups that do not contain BPA.

2. Tervis cups have clearly labeled microwave use symbols

Almost all Tervis cups have symbols at the bottom stating whether they are microwave safe or not. They also explain how to microwave with your Tervis cup if need be, for instance, “Microwave When full.” For plastic Tervis cups that do not have such symbols, Tervis agrees that they can be microwaved but not for longer than 30 seconds.

3. Tervis cups can work efficiently for hours

Tervis cups can hold a very hot drink for eight good hours. The same cup can hold an icy drink the 24 hours. They are best at keeping the normal temperatures of a drink for a long.

Faqs About Microwaving Tervis Cups

1. Can you heat Tervis cups in the microwave?

Some Tervis cups can be microwaved. Some plastic Tervis materials cannot withstand microwave heat. Metallic material that can cause fire when microwaved. However, to be on the safer side, always look for the microwave-safe sign on your Tervis cup before placing it in a microwave.

2. Can plastic tumblers go in the microwave?

Most plastic tumblers are microwaves. However, do not always assume that a plastic tumbler is microwavable. Before using one, try to find out if the plastic tumbler is safe. They also have written statements at the bottom showing that they are microwave safe.

3. Can you put hot coffee in a plastic Tervis tumbler?

Yes, you can. Like other Tervis tumblers made from other materials, A plastic tumbler is also designed to hold hot coffee or an ice-cold drink.

4. Can you put hot drinks in Tervis?

Yes, Tervis tumblers and mugs are all designed to handle hot drinks.

5. Why do Tervis tumblers get cloudy?

Tervis tumblers usually get cloudy due to the reaction of chemicals in the tumblers due to sunscreen. Especially the plastic Tervis.

6. What is the symbol of a microwave-safe?

A microwave-safe symbol is a mark that represents certainty that a tumbler or a cup can be used in the microwave. The symbols include:

  • Three squiggly lines, one on top of the other.
  • Three wavy lines inside a microwave logo.
  • #5. Usually placed on plastic containers to indicate they are microwavable.

7. How do you unstick Tervis tumblers?

Tervis tumblers usually tend to stick together. The best way to deal with this kind of problem is:

  • Place the stuck-together tumblers in the freezer for a night.
  • Wrap the tumblers in a towel.
  • Roll the wrapped tumblers on the kitchen counter until you hear a pop sound.

8. Is Tervis still in business?

Tervis Company is still in business, opened, and still accepting orders from clients.

9. Can you microwave Styrofoam?

Styrofoam is not meant to be microwaved. Despite their ability to store and protect food, they cannot handle microwave heat. If you wish to microwave food in Styrofoam, it is advisable to transfer it into a microwave-safe container.

10. How long does Tervis keep drinks hot?

Tervis cups can keep your drink hot for up to eight hours. Tervis cups are BPA-free; they are resistant to leaks and triple insulation layers that help the cup protect your drink’s normal temperature for hours.

11. Can you microwave insulated paper cups?

Insulated paper cups are designed to hold hot drinks and food. However, when it comes to microwaving, the cups cannot withstand the high levels of microwave heat. The heat may cause the bottom edge and sides to burst open, leading to leakage. Due to the materials used in making the insulated paper cups, they can melt down or even catch fire in microwaving.

12. Is Tervis BPA-free?

All Tervis cups are BPA free for over ten years now.


Finally, it is correct to say that Tervis cups can only be microwaved after confirming the microwave safety symbol. The symbol could be “Do not microwave,” “Microwave safe,” or “Microwave when full.” The plastic Tervis cups that do not have a microwave symbol can only be microwaved for a maximum of 30 seconds. Whichever the symbol, it is in your best interest to follow the manufactures instruction for your health and safety precautions.


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